About the Castle Nové Hrady

Walk-through castle with two opposite gateways and deep moat was established by  Vítek family in the 2nd half of 13. century. Castle fortification was followed by town walls, which protected the citizens of  townlet. During Rožmberks era in 1573 was destroyed massive castle tower by strike of lightning and consequent explosion of gun powder. The castle was renovated with contribution of Italian builder Antonio Canevalle. In the year 1620 gained Nové Hrady count Charles Bonaventure Buquoy and the family of Buquoy owned the dominion until 1945. After finishing of the construction the new classicist chateau served the old castle for administration of dominion and fell into disrepair. After reconstruction You can see buquoy interiors with a number of family portraits and remainders of war glory. Frequented is also tour in the flat of a manor clerk from the turn of the 19. and 20. century with burgess housing presentation. Under the castle is situated the landscape park Theresa´s Valley with romantic buldings and man-made waterfall.