Castle Museum in Český Krumlov. The Building’s History and Exhibition Catalog

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The newly restored interior of the venerable “Little Castle” in Český Krumlov was replenished with delightful artwork from the castle depositories and with rare archive documents, previously known only to a select few. The splendour of the past has returned to the castle interiors, and the half-forgotten tales of the Krumlov sovereigns and their attendants have come back to life. The style of the museum follows in the footsteps of the 19th century, the “golden age” of European museum installation.

  • Little Castle of Český Krumlov: Centuries of Transformations (Petr Pavelec)
  • Lords of the Rose (Lukáš Reitinger)
  • The Dukes of Krumlov (Lukáš Reitinger, Ludmila Ourodová-Hronková)
  • The Administration Office (Raimund Paleczek)
  • The Apartment of the Domain’s Executive Director (Duňa Panenková, Nora Jelínková)
  • The Treasury of Sacred Art (Martin Gaži, Jarmila Hansová, Zdeňka Prokopová)
  • The Armory (Zuzana Vaverková)
  • The Mint (Duňa Panenková)
  • Schwarzenberg Guard (Martin Voříšek)
  • The End of the Old Days (Lukáš Reitinger, Ludmila Ourodová-Hronková, Stanislava Slavková)
  • Castle Museum – The Return of the Old Days (Pavel Slavko)

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